5 Things I’ve Been Loving This April

Crazy how fast this year is flying by! How are we in April already!? I haven’t really been using many new products (or any for that matter) so I decided to use the 3 beauty products I have been obsessed with as well as some other more random favourites from the past month!!

I saw this in boots and was shocked as I didn’t even know Maybelline had released any highlighters so it went straight into my basket, as well as the stick format one as well. They both come in two shades; Light and Medium. So I picked up the medium in the stick format and the light in the liquid format just so I could try them both out. The light shade is my perfect highlighter, especially in the liquid format, but do be aware that a little goes a long way.
I have also loved mixing this with my foundation to achieve an all over glow – perfect for summer! I prefer the liquid to the stick format but I think that is much to do with the shades as the stick format is creamy and so easy to apply! Both being sold for only £6.99 at Boots and Superdrug.
This is a life changer! It comes with a highlighter, two brow powders and a colourless wax and it is the perfect little compact! It comes with a mirror which I am so happy as it is so useful to travel with! The two brow powders are perfect for me, I use the lighter shade t0 build up my brows and then use the darker shade to define my brows. The powders work perfectly with the wax. I wasn’t sure if I liked a non-pigmented wax to start with as you can’t see it on the brow (obviously) but it is such a good combination with the powders and they stick to the wax so well and last all day! However, the cream highlighter isn’t something I would use as I found it to be too subtle for me but I like the thought of having a highlighter in a compact like this! This is available from Boots for £12 which is quite pricey for a drugstore brow product but it is so worth it!


This product includes one bronzer, one highlight and three blushes – I was a little surprised by the quality of the product. The packaging is so pretty with its rose gold detailing and it is perfect for travelling as it comes with a mirror which is so useful. The only bad thing I would say is the cardboard packaging can get so dirty and I am worried to put it in my makeup bag without it getting destroyed. When I applied the bronzer I was a little shocked at how pigmented it was, it was lucky it blended so well as there was so much on my face! It has a slight shimmer to it which I don’t normally like but it was so subtle it just added a nice glow to my face. It lasted all day and it was perfect for an everyday makeup look. The bronzer is very warm toned which is my favourite and I found it works whilst contouring as well as just giving a general bronzed look to my face. The rest of the palette
is all pigmented and of good quality, especially the blushes. This is the perfect little drugstore palette costing only £6.49 from Boots.

I never knew this existed until this month but I found the past two issues in WHSmith and it looked so interesting! I’ve found the magazine is a perfect read for a lazy sunday. It is full of inspiration as well as interviews with bloggers and loads of blogs to read! Personally, I think it is such good value for money, £6 per issue, because they aren’t jam packed with adverts – most pages are the actual magazine unlike most other magazines. They do so many blogger events so if you are a blogger this is a magazine worth checking out!
This. It is so eye opening yet so addictive (I binged watched it in 2 days – 13 one hour episodes…). The show makes you realise that something you may not see as a big deal could have a big impact on someone else! If you haven’t watched it already you need to, it is one of my favourite shows ever and I am hoping a season 2 comes out! I am trying not to spoil anything so just trust me when I say that you need to watch it!
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed reading about my current favourite things!
Sophie x

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