Affordable Makeup / Under £5 Makeup

I thought today I would show you 5 things you can get for under £5! I hope you enjoy and this helps if you are on a budget!

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette – £3.99

This has such amazing pigmentation for £3.99, it is one of my favourite drugstore palettes yet the cheapest. All shades in these palette are blendable and go with the other shades in there palette, my personal favourite is the Nude Rose palette as the shimmer shades are so gorgeous and so pigmented. I also have the Nude palette which is perfect for transition shades as they are all basic shades and I use this daily.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – £4.19

Another piece from collection but I couldn’t do an affordable makeup post and not include this concealer! It is such high coverage for the price and it works wonders on my blemishes and the shade fair is perfect for my under eyes. It is a very hyped up product and rightly so too, honestly my favourite concealer – amazing value! They have a range of 4 shades and I believe they have brought out new colour correctors which I am so excited to try.

Rimmel Brow This Way – £3.99

This is a great brow powder and wax and the brush the comes with it isn bad either. It makes my brows look neat and tidy, I love how small it is as it is perfect for travelling. It gives you quite a natural look which is perfect for summer!

Soap and Glory Matte Lip – £3.50

These are some of my favourite lip products because they aren’t drying at all, they feel more moisturising and like a lip balm than a matte lipstick/crayon. They are so pigmented and mine are in the shades Pretty Muted and Whoah-Pink, I really want the shade Choccoberry as it is a darker nude which would look perfect in a more glam look!

Makeup Obsession Highlighter – £3

Honestly Makeup Obsession are so cheap and I have heard amazing things so obviously I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up one of their highlights – Pearl. I was so shocked when I swatched it because it was so pigmented and was on par with some of my Mac highlights! They have such a range of shades suitable for all different skin tones and honestly I cannot wait to buy some more and create a highlighting palette because this one is AMAZING!!

I hope you enjoyed this short post about good affordable makeup! Don’t forget to subscribe for more and leave a comment telling me about your favourite affordable makeup for under £5!

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  1. Olivia Kiernan says: Reply

    I love the Collection lasting perfection concealer – its my go-to! x

    1. It is great isn’t it!:)

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