Anatomicals…They Only Want You For Your Body

Anatomicals very kindly sent me three products of my choice for me to try out from their range which was very generous of them, I had never heard of this brand before and I was so intrigued by their fun, colourful and humorous style.


They are a skincare brand that tries hard to make you feel good about yourself as their slogan is we only want you for your body, the names of their products are very humorous which does genuinely brighten up your day (or at least it gives you a bit of a giggle in the morning.) Not only does the packaging contain humorous names it is also packed with bright colours and bold fonts which make them even more unique compared to other popular skincare brands.

Another amazing thing about anatomicals is that they do not test on animals which for some people is so important, it makes me feel better about using the products to think that no ingredients have been used on animals. On top of this the products are all paraben free as some people think paraben’s have some negative health impacts so obviously it is a good thing that these things are in our everyday beauty products!


This moisturiser has very quickly become one of my favourites because it makes my skin feel amazing, I use it twice a day – once in the morning before makeup and again in the evening once I’ve taken my makeup off! It has an spf 15 which is an amazing extra for summer, however don’t use it instead of a separate spf/suncream as it won’t give you as much UV protection but it is a nice added extra!

The moisturiser has an ingredient called co-enzyme Q10 which intrigued me A LOT so I decided to do some research into its benefits for my skin and turns out there is quite a few! One of the main benefits is the anti-aging effects, it helps get rid of fine wrinkles especially under the eyes which is always needed. It also energizes the skin and keeps it healthy as well as rejuvenating it keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Overall, this moisturiser does wonders to my skin as it makes it a lot brighter and I can really tell a difference since I started using it and I am already nearly out so will be needing to get a new one! Would highly recommend this.


Like all the other Anatomicals it has bright and cheerful packaging as it is a bright lilac shade which is perfect for summer, I have used this product A LOT during the summer and during my holiday to Florida. I was very surprised that this actually worked, when I was walking around the parks I got so so hot and sweaty and this really helped to cool me down and I ended up giving my face a spritz every half an hour because it was very needed!

One of my main worries when using this was whether it was going to ruin my makeup but I was pleasantly surprised that it just sat and sunk into my face which was amazing and the consistency wasn’t too thin nor too thick so overall this has been my life saver so far this summer!


I had never tried any pore strips before so when I saw these I knew I needed them! The pack contains 10 strips, 5 nose strips and 5 chin&forehead strips and I have now used all but 1 nose strip which means I need to get some more as they are so good! I saw an improvement the second I took my first strip off but it is best to do it regularly to keep the results, I personally do this every Sunday, aka my full pamper evening, and I find this works well for my skin ad the amount of blackheads I do get but if you get quite a few blackheads then I would recommend doing it at least twice a week. On the other hand if you get barely any blackheads you could leave it for once a fortnight just to keep everything in check. Honestly they strips are amazing and I will definitely be getting some more!

Thank you very much for reading and do let me know in the comments if you have any anatomicals product that you would recommend because I really do want to try some more products from their range!

Thank you

Sophie x

**DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned in this post have been very kindly gifted to me by the brand, however all opinions are my own!**

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