August Birchbox 2017

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This is my first month of the Birchbox subscription box and I am so impressed!! I have been debating whether to start  for a while and I am so glad I did and I am already excited for the September box!

I absolutely love the box – so so pretty and I am definitely going to be reusing this as storage! I love the fact it is a drawer, it is a very original idea. I am not sure what I am going to be putting in it yet but I know it is going to look perfect on my desk (and after a couple of months I will get a stack of them which will look even better when on my desk!) Anyways, now onto my first impressions of the products…


When subscribing I got a choice between two different designs of this brush and obviously I had to choose the gorgeous pink one which is part of their Glam Clam collection (RRP £79.99) but you also had the choice of a blue and purple one from the Bomb Shell collection (RRP £59.99).

I have been tempted to buy a full set of spectrum brushes for ages now (have you seen how gorgeous their marbleous collection is?!) but I am so glad I got to try one of them out before splashing the cash! This oe is the A05 (Precision Blush) which will be perfect for a light application of blush or bronzer. The shape of the brush makes it perfect for any cheek work whether thats bronzing those cheekbones, adding a bit of colour to the centre of your cheeks or even giving yourself a poppin’ highlight – this brush is very versatile. Also, the bristles are SOOO soft – I cannot wait to be using them on my face.

If you don’t want to buy the whole Glam Clam or Bomb Shell collection check out a single A05 brush here for only £6.99!


I received the shade Rock Steady in my box which is a deep shimmery bronze shade but you could have been given the shade Out Of Your Shell which looks like a gorgeous shimmery white shade and both of these are priced at £8.00 each.

This shade is my perfect autumn colour and I am so excited to start using this! Eyeshadow sticks are so quick and easy and takes so much time off my makeup routine which is perfect for early school mornings. All you do is apply it to your eyelid and blend using either your fingers or a blending brush and done, I am definitely going to love using this throughout September when I start sixth form! According to the description this lasts up to 11 hours without creasing or rubbing off and apparently it is even waterproof – very impressive! I cannot wait to start using this.

If you don’t like the look of this shade they have six other Birchbox exclusives here.


I have never been that bothered when it comes to hair products but I do really want to up my hair game in sixth form so when I saw this in the box I was intrigued. The full size product (300ml) is £36.00 and their travel size version (75ml) is £20.00.

You can apply this to wet or dry hair to give you a natural beach hair look and gives your hair a softer more glossy feel which I am very excited about as I hate when my hair feels dry and damaged. The product contains wheat protein which is an ingredient which has many benefits to the hair including preventing hair breakage, replenishes the hair and conditions it – everything I need in a hair product! Another key ingredient is sunflower seed oil which has a lot of benefits to the hair as it often stimulates hair growth, it conditions the hair, it protects the hair from the sun and moisturises dry hair. Now I have researched the ingredients I am even more excited as not only is the spray meant to make my hair have pretty beach waves but it is also meant to include a lot of important ingredients to help my hair in many ways.


You could have received one of many scents and I received the scent Hello Sunshine which smells AMAZING, very refreshing and a long lasting smell too.

I am constantly buying hand sanitisers because they always have pretty packaging and this one is no different, very bright and colourful and a perfect shape and size to pop in your handbag. I go through my fair share of hand sanitisers every month as I use them constantly so when I saw this in the box I knew it would get used. Hello Sunshine is a very sweet scent which is very summer fitting however I wasn’t expecting to find something like this in a beauty subscription box purely because I can buy it anywhere and everywhere but I know I will use it.

All scents are £2.90 and there are 7 to choose from on the Birchbox website which can be found here.


I have seen so many people rave about this so when I saw this I already knew it was going to be good. The full size product (250ml) is £4.19.

I love the smell of coconut and I have many bits from The Body Shop coconut collection so I knew I would enjoy the scent, it isn’t too overpowering ever which I was impressed with. It claims to give 24 hours of moisture which is very impressive. I am going to save this for any trips I have because this size is perfect for travelling but I am very tempted to buy the full size version for now because the smell is so dreamy and coconut oil is meant to do wonders for the skin as it repairs, protects and retains moisture. It is meant to be one of the best natural ingredients for your skin!

This formula is also available in a face moisturiserfacial scrub and so much more which can all be found on the Palmer’s website.

So, is it worth £10 a month? Yes! All of these products I will use and their is nothing that I am disappointed with, the box has an approximate total of £23.23 which is a £13.23 saving (this figure is based on my calculations and has included some rounding) and not only does it give you a saving on products it also introduces you to brands and products that you probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Like I said earlier, I am already excited to see what is going to be in my September box!

Sign up to Birchbox here and receive £5 off your first box!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first Birchbox experience and let me know below if you have ever tried Birchbox and what your favourite product is from the August box or let me know on my Twitter or my Instagram as I am always up for a chat over there! Thank you for reading!

Sophie x

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4 Replies to “August Birchbox 2017”

  1. This looks so fab! I’ve seen Birchbox around for so long and I’m so tempted to get a subscription

    Jennifer xx

    1. You should! You can get £5 off your first box if you click the link at the end of the post – it is really worth it!

  2. I used to get Birchbox, but they mess up a few times, and got fed up with it. However, the spectrum brush is tempting me to get it again! Do you get any other subscription boxes? 💋

    1. I get glossy box too and that review will be going up on Saturday!

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