First Impressions: Wet ‘n’ Wild Beauty

Today’s post is all about the makeup brand ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild’ which is an American brand I have always wanted to try but never been able to as it wasn’t sold anywhere in the UK. However, they recently launched on Beauty Bay so I thought I would make an order. (A couple of days after I made the order they also launched on Boots which I am gutted about as I could’ve got so many advantage card points from my order but you know whatever.) They currently have 57 products listed on Beauty Bay and the price range is between 1.50 and 9.00 – so super affordable! On top of this, if you are a student you can get 10% off of everything on Beauty Bay – even more of a reason to go and buy some Wet ‘n’ Wild makeup!

I brought a total of 10 things which came to a total of 37.75 (33.96 after discount) which is around the same price as just one foundation from Hourglass!! So you can get nearly a full face of makeup for such a small price!

One issue I found with everything is the packaging, its so cheap and flimsy and took me 20 minutes to get in some of it due to the excessive amount of stickers over the clasps! I understand the products are cheap but I expected slightly better quality packaging.

The first thing that caught my eye was the MegaGlo Highlighting Powders. There are two shades; Blossom Glow and Precious Metals and they are priced at 3.75 each (yes I got both – I couldn’t help it they looked gorgeous). My favourite has to be Precious Metals which is more of a champagne/gold tone compared to Blossom Glow which is more icy toned. They are far more pigmented than I thought they were going to be, if I’m honest I mainly brought them because of how cute the pan design is! They aren’t the most blinding highlights in the world, but fine for a day-to-day subtle glow. For 3.75 each I would 100% recommend these.

I also picked up one of their Colour Icon Bronzers in the shade Ticket to Brazil which is for medium skin tones. In total they have 3 shades (light, medium and dark) and are priced at 4.50 each. I have been looking for a new bronzer so thought I would give this one a go and I was pleasantly surprised, it added a subtle amount of colour to my face so perfect for no makeup makeup days.

I brought this thinking it was going to be matte but it has got a little shimmer to it which would’ve been perfect for the summer months, not sure how much use I am going to get out of it in the autumn/winter months though. As I got the medium shade I did expect it to be darker as it only just shows up on my skin so I could’ve benefitted from buying the darker shade. It definitely isn’t a product for darker skin tones as all three are quite light.

I saw that they had a dupe to the ABH Brow Definer – the Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil and I have wanted the ABH version for the longest time so I thought I would try this one out first as it was only 3.00. There was three shades to choose from and I went for Medium Brown. The colour is perfect for me, however I do find the pencil itself quite scratchy but for 3.00 I wasn’t expected much. The process of using a pencil was a lot quicker and simpler than expected if I’m honest, the spoolie on the other end is a nice touch as well.

I brought a total of 5 lip products because they were so cheap! The first thing I saw was their liquid lipsticks which were 5.00 each (the most expensive thing I brought!) so I picked up the shade Give Me Mocha which is described to be a brown toned red. I think the colour is really pretty but I expected it to be a bit more brown toned which would’ve made it a bit darker. The formula itself is so creamy and not too drying on the lips, very pigmented and fairly long-lasting (if you were to wear this all day I would suggest you take it with you for top ups). All in all a really nice affordable liquid lip!

Next I picked up two of their Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners in the shades Bare to Comment and Red the Scene and they are priced at 4.00 each. They are so creamy and true to colour that I am actually going to purchase some more – I can see these turning into my go-to lip liners! I brought the shade Bare to Comment to go with both of the lipsticks I brought.

They have 30 lipstick shades to choose from including nudes, brights and reds – all priced at 3.00 each. I was boring and chose two nudes; Bare It All and Never Nude. They are quite similar but Never Nude is slightly lighter and less pink toned than Bare It All. I have used them pretty much everyday since I got them as they are so creamy and comfortable to wear. Bare It All is a very close dupe to MAC Velvet Teddy, so if you want to save yourself some money I would 100% recommend picking this one up.

Finally, I picked up one of their Colour Icon 10 Pan Palettes in Nude Awakening, which was only 3.75. The shades looked perfect for the winter months due to the purple and brown tones. The shades aren’t as pigmented as my higher ended palettes but I wasn’t expecting them to be, the pigmentation is fine for day to day looks and is better if you use a priming water on your brush before dipping it in the palette. One issue is that their is a lot of fall out so if you were to use this I would recommend doing your eyeshadow first so it doesn’t ruin your base makeup. Also, this palette would be perfect for beginners as it has some basic colours in and has labelled the transitions shades.

I would seriously recommend checking out Wet ‘n’ Wild’s product range as it is so affordable yet such good quality. I am definitely going to pick up some more things, especially the lip liners and lipsticks.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed,

Sophie x

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