Friction Free Shaving Subscription Box – What I Think…

About a month ago now I was kindly gifted a razor subscription box which is something I had never heard of before and honestly I was intrigued. Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is a monthly subscription box which sends you 4 blades each month right to your door as well as a very stylish razor handle which is very long lasting as it is actually metal not cheap plastic ones!

Before I get on to my personal experience with the blades I’m going to give you all the information you need about the brand and its subscription box!


Firstly there are two options for how often you receive the box, you can receive it monthly (which is what I have) or you can choose to receive it bi-monthly where the box will come every two months. The bi-monthly option is perfect for someone who doesn’t think
they will use a blade a week as it gives you a blade a fortnight. Another benefit of FFS is the fact you can postpone at anytime and you won’t receive any blades or be charged for another month so even if you choose to receive the box monthly you can still postpone if you feel like you have too many blades! So easy and flexible!

Next you get the choice between two different razors starting from just £5:

Frankie – three blade head – £5.00
Samantha – five blade head – £8.00

The handles of the razors are metal so they are long lasting compared to the cheap drugstore plastic ones! Also, how cute are the razors?! The Frankie handle is a pink and white design and the Samantha handle is a gorgeous gold design which is the one I chose. The handles actually come free with your first box and all the boxes after that will just include the 4 blades of your choice.


  • More hygienic – less bacteria build up as you are changing the blades weekly so less irritated skin
  • Saving money – drugstore razors get pricey and with this subscription box you could be paying as little as £5 a month for 4 blades
  • No more blunt blades which can cause razor burn/rash as they need more pressure than a new sharp blade
  • It is the prettiest razor I have ever seen!


I absolutely love this razor and I will never go back to the cheap drugstore razors, it gives me a smooth, clean shave with no irritation

My Samantha razor has a 90 degree pivot head which is perfect for shaving underarms as it moves to fit your body form, having this pivot head you are less likely to cut your skin during your shave. I’m hopeless when it comes to my knees and my ankles and usually with my drugstore razors I would come out with at least four cuts but that has definitely reduced since I’ve been using Samantha.

This amazing box is only £8 a month which I think is an absolute bargain!! Also you can add their shaving cream to your monthly box for only £6 – I will be sure to try this out soon!

This box was kindly gifted to me by Friction Free Shaving but I am now signed up to the subscription service with my Samantha razor and I am so excited to have this come to my door monthly! If you’re interested in this subscription box you can sign up and use the code 0J6C7Z or click here!

Thank you for reading!

Sophie x

**DISCLAIMER: Friction Free Shaving very kindly gifted me this box however all opinions are my own!**

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