July Favourites

Is it really August already? This year has flown by but not as fast as the month of July?! I spent half of my July in Florida which was an amazing experience and that was my far my top favourite of July and whilst I was out there I picked up some beauty bits and some have made it into a favourites already! There are quite a few favourites this month so lets begin with…


I absolutely love the healthy mix foundation it is my go to foundation and this has very quickly become my go to concealer (better than my collection lasting perfection which is saying a lot) I mainly use this concealer to cover any blemishes and it honestly works wonders, with my acne prone skin I often find that some of the red scaring on my face is very hard to cover but this concealer actually does it! Surprisingly a little goes a long way so it actually lasts quite a long time which is always a bonus. I am honestly so impressed with this concealer so I definitely be repurchasing very soon!


I have been obsessed with blush for a couple of months now and in particular peachy shades so when I spotted this in Sephora I was instantly obsessed and they had some other beautiful trios too. The shades are so pigmented and easy to blend and it is such good value for money! You can use them separately or blend all 3 together – both ways add a beautiful colour to your cheeks. All shades are very buildable so the colour intensity is up to you. I really want to try some of their other shades as this is a perfect summer blush palette and some of the others would be perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons!


I picked this up in Walgreens and I had never tried Milani even though the massive temptation of it being sold on Beauty Bay but I am so glad I tried this! It gives a gorgeous semi-matte finish and it is so creamy and for the price I was shocked at the quality! I have been using it daily throughout July and I definitely need to try more of these lipsticks as well as more of the brand Milani in general!


Holy crap this palette is my perfect palette, I have been using it every single day ever since I brought it! The shimmer shades are my ultimate favourites, all shades are so creamy and pigmented – Urban Decay have not let me down with this one and a full review will be coming on the blog soon!


I was shocked I found myself reaching for this as I am very much a warm toned bronzer but I saw this and was intrigued as how much of a difference the white shade actually made and it really does and I didn’t thin I would like such a cool toned bronzer but here I am talking about it in my favourites! It gives such a natural look to the face when blended all together and I love the fact it is matte as a lot of the bronzers I own have a slight shimmer in it.


Now I actually found this in T K Maxx and I had never heard of the brand before but for the price I payed I thought I may as well give it a go and I am so glad I did! I am gutted I didn’t pick up the others in the collection! The brush is so dense it is perfect for contouring and bronzing. Also, how pretty is it – I love the style of these brushes! Does anyone know where you can buy these?


This is so so easy to use and gives such a bold brow which I love and it lasts all day on my brows which I have never had in a brow pomade before so I am so glad I brought this! I also absolutely love the brush which comes with it which is very rare for me but I love how dense it is – it makes it so precise! I also learned that you can extend it which is very helpful! Honestly, I think this brow product is going to be pretty hard to beat.


I love these!! I always find my skin very dry in the summer after I get back from holiday and it doesn’t matter how much cleansing I do so now after my skincare routine I always reach for these and I have really noticed a difference! Exfoliating is such an important part of any skincare routine and these wipes make it so simple – I am on my third pack already – oops!


This helps my skin so so much, I have acne prone skin and this really helps my skin and very few things do! It is now part of my everyday skincare routine and is the best cleanser I have tried. The bottle is 200ml and as you only need a couple of pumps per use so I can see this lasting me a very long time and for the price I think it is amazing value! I noticed a difference to my skin after only a couple of uses and I have now been using it for just under two months and my skin looks so difference – I wish I took a before and after photo!! Would really recommend to anyone with acne prone skin or even just oily skin!


I am not really a jewellery person or at least I wasn’t, I have found myself reaching for my beautiful pandora pieces more and more this month and I have actually loved choosing my jewellery in the morning so I am definitely going to be purchasing some more to add to my collection. I was very lucky that for my 16th birthday I was gifted a lot of pandora jewellery like this silver necklace – I love how delicate it is and probably has been my July top pick, it is absolutely stunning!

That is it for my July favourites in 2017, there has been a lot that I have been loving so it was so hard to pick just 10 items! Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know in the comments what you have been loving this July!

Sophie x




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  1. I don’t actually know all that much about makeup (because I tend to just try whatever and pray that it looks okay!) but your list looks incredible. First that lipstick is in such a lovely shade, and the casing is so pretty! Then with the Urban Decay, I’ve been seeing that palette everywhere recently, I don’t own anything from Urbran Decay and I’m so upset that I’m so skint right now because the more I see it, the more I want it because everyone’s had the same reaction to it that you’ve had here, that they haven’t stopped wearing it! I’ve also been in dire need of a new eyebrow pencil, I’ve tried a benefit brown pencil in the past that I liked, so I’ll put this one on the list to try! (Sorry for the long comment!)

    Gail // http://www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk

    1. This is such a lovely comment thank you! The lipstick is amazing and so pretty and so cheap! Milani is really affordable so you should really go and check it out! The one thing about the Urban Decay palette is that all the looks you do with it turn out quite similar – so if you don’t own anything from Urban Decay I would recommend checking out some of their other palettes before buying this one! And benefit definitely do the best brow products!!

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