Maybelline… You’re Doing Great Sweetie

Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands, its affordable yet amazing quality. One of my favourite things from maybelline is the mascaras, damn they know how to make a good mascara. Ever since I discovered the Lash Sensational I have wanted to try every single mascara in their range (I pretty much have) and I have finally found my two favourites and obviously the Lash Sensational is one of them.


I honestly haven’t heard a bad word about this mascara, everyone I have spoken to who has tried it say it is hard to beat and becomes their most used mascara and I would 100% agree! It makes my lashes long and thick without making them clumpy. The wand is possibly my favourite part of this mascara because it is able to capture all of your lashes because it has a side perfect for those tiny lower lashes and then the other side has the longer bristles that are in a curved shaped wand. When using this mascara I never curl my lashes because my lashes simply don’t need it once this mascara is on – and thats saying something.

I have repurchased this mascara quite a few times now and will continue doing so because this is just the perfect mascara that everyone needs.

However being the makeup lover and hoarder I am I obviously HAVE to try other mascaras just to test them out and compare them because, obviously, a girl can never have too much makeup. So when I saw that a lot of people were raving about a new Maybelline mascara I had to give it a go so I picked up the Colossal Big Shot mascara and I fell in love with it *nearly* as much as my Lash Sensational…


This mascara made my lashes nearly twice the size and I was so shocked – it extended them so well and really added volume but not too much that your lashes are thick and heavy (I really hate it when my lashes look like that) and I actually didn’t need as much as I usually do with my lash sensational to achieve this look. Also, I love this style of wand which is actually surprising for me as I’ve tried this oversized style before and really disliked it but I am very impressed with how it made my lashes look. HOWEVER, I found it a bit messy as I often found it making a mess on my eyelid which personally I don’t think is a big deal as it is a problem easily solved with a bit of makeup remover but this might be something people are put off by. It doesn’t smudge throughout the day or anything like that…it just can be a bit of a hassle sometimes.

But I wouldn’t say it is one of my favourites if it isn’t, it makes my lashes look great and gives them maximum volume which is obviously what everyone wants right?! Also, look at the shiny packaging!! I love it!

Both of these mascaras make my lashes look volumised and adds a tonne of length and would recommend either of them to anyone but I do have to say my trusty lash sensational is still the one to beat…

There you go, my top two mascaras – both from Maybelline! Maybelline are killing it at the moment with some of their releases so next time you are in Boots or Superdrug make sure you have a browse at their collection! I hope you enjoyed reading about my mascara favourites and let me know below what your go to mascara is or let me know on my Twitter or my Instagram as I am always up for a chat over there! Thank you for reading!

Sophie x

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8 Replies to “Maybelline… You’re Doing Great Sweetie”

  1. I’ve been looking for a new mascara- I think I’m going to try Lash Sendational now!

    1. You really should! It’s amazing and by far the best mascara I own!

  2. I seriously love the lash sensational but I definitely gonna try the colossal big lashes. Thanks for this great reviews 💗

    1. I’m glad you found them helpful!

  3. OOOO MY FAVE MASCARA!!! Lash Sensation, one of my faves!!! it is suchhhh a good masacara! I have been using it for years!

    Sophia xo //

    1. It is so good isn’t it! I am obsessed!

  4. I love the title of this post. 😅 I’ve tried the Lash Sensational mascara before, and it’s really good! I definitely want to try the Colossal Big Shot mascara as well. 🙌🏼

    Rosie Eva Millard

    1. Haha thank you! and yes the colossal big shot is definitely worth a try!

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