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As a blogger myself I love finding new blogs to follow, I always seem to find my favourite blogs through Instagram however recently I have been finding amazing blogs on Bloglovin, I find that all the blogs I love have amazing Instagram’s so, I decided to combine them both in a favourites so you can see just how amazing these girls are. I am also going to be sharing my favourite blog posts from each of these lovely ladies – that’s at least 7 blog posts you can read tonight!

Please be aware that this post is going to be FULL of links from all of these bloggers sites and Instagram’s so don’t forget to click on them once you have finished reading about all 7. Lets begin…


I have loved Amelia’s blog for quite some time now and honestly she is probably one of the first bloggers I started reading religiously. I find that I can trust Amelia’s reviews on products and they are always so helpful! Her Instagram is very bold and girly with a hint of pink running through it. Her photos have amazing quality and personally I love looking at her makeup collection through photos of her draws.

My favourite blog post is probably one of her more chatty ones, it is her 2017 Q&A. I felt you got to know Amelia a lot more through this post so it would be a good starting point to anyone who may be new to her blog.


Maria is amazing, all her blog posts are so interesting and I honestly think I have read every single one of her posts! She is so active on all her social medias that it is very hard to miss one of her posts. She is very inspiring and very relatable. Her Instagram is gorgeous, very bright and it really gives an insight to her day to day life as her photos include a bit of everything including beauty, places she has been and some food photos too! 

It is very hard for me to narrow down a favourite blog post of Maria’s but I would definitely say her ‘Blogger Help‘ section on her blog as been so helpful to me and it
is perfect for every blogger.


Tilly is again one of the first bloggers I started reading religiously, her blog is full of beauty and lifestyle posts. I love her more chatty posts as they are always very relatable and they always tell me what I need to hear. For example, her recent blog post about ‘Self Love and Self Care’ was amazing and so heart-felt and I think everyone could benefit from reading it. Her Instagram is bloody amazing, all photos are bright and of amazing quality. I find her theme quite simple and not too cluttered. Forever wishing to get a perfect feed like Tilly!

Like I said before I love her more chatty posts but I also love her fashion posts, like her Primark haul or her Christmas Day Outfit – the pinafore dress is BEAUTIFUL.


You have probably heard about Kate La Vie before but I couldn’t do this post without giving her a mention (and her cat because how adorable!), she is a very successful blogger and youtuber who influences many, including myself. Kate is probably one of the reasons I started blogging because I loved reading her blogs and watching her youtube channel and thought I would give it a go myself. Her Instagram is the definition of goals with photos from her day to day life, her outfit shots are what I live for.

Personally I love reading about her wishlists, one of my recent favourites was her Spring Wishlist. Her wishlist became my wishlist as she had picked out some beautiful floral and frilly pieces.


This is a very new favourite of mine and if you are a beauty blog fan then this one is for you, I started by subscribing to her youtube channel after watching her empties videos which I loved, she is a very chatty youtuber and I could watch her for hours on end. I then discovered she had a blog which I instantly fell in love with as she blogs about EVERYTHING you possibly could when it comes to blogging. Everything she talks about over on her blog automatically goes to the top of my wishlist. Her Instagram is very bright and colourful and her most recent photos are all about her most recent travel destination.

I loved her comparison on the Kat Von D Lolita Liquid Lipsticks as well as her post dedicated to all the Powder Brushes she has tried and which ones were her favourites.


Again, another new favourite of mine is Beth. I love how her blog is laid out, very simple and ‘clean’ if you know what I mean. Her posts are often very photo heavy which I love and I also love her very chatty writing style. Her Instagram is very bright and she is a queen at taking the perfect flay lay.

My favourite post of hers is probably the her Spring Makeup Bag as I am extremely nosey and these type of posts are often my favourites to read.


I actually discovered Gemma through reading the blogosphere magazine where it showed her Under Eye Routine, ever since then I have been hooked! I love all her beauty posts as it is clear it is something she is passionate about, what more could you want from a blogger? You can tell through her style of writing that she means what she says about a brand/product, for example, her Nip and Fab post. I aspire for my Instagram to look like hers, her effortless photos make her feed tie in together so nicely. I also love it when her gorgeous son Reuben pops up on my feed – so adorable!!

Despite loving all of Gemma’s beauty posts, I actually love reading all of her updates on Reuben. Her most recent one being his Seven Month Update. I actually read all of her baby posts in one evening starting from her announcement! They are definitely worth a read (as are all of her other posts).

That is all 7 of my current favourite bloggers, there are many more bloggers that I read so do let me know if you would like to see a part 2 to this post!

As always, thank you so much for reading and make sure you subscribe to my blog to be notified every time I upload a blog post (which is every Monday and Friday if you were wondering).

Sophie x


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  1. Aww thank you so much Sophie for giving me such a lovely mention, you have honestly made my day! I really appreciate your kindness and support. Also, let’s not forget how amazing your blog is too!! xx

    1. You are so welcome, your blog deserves so much recognition! Thank You! x

  2. Thank you soooo much for the kind words! It means a lot, and I’m so glad you like my blog😊. I love yours too!xxx


    1. You are very welcome! Thank you so much! x

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