September Favourites

September: the month of putting on a coat in the morning and regretting it by 2pm aka the worst month. However, my outfits have been top notch this month due to the cutest jumpers being sold everywhere (especially this mustard one from new look which I’ve been wearing as much as physically possible AND I’ve just noticed they sell it in a gorgeous dark green too which I am adding to my wish list straight away).

Surprisingly I haven’t done much makeup shopping these past few months so the beauty favourites are lacking, if I’m honest this favourites is just a mix of a bit random but everything I mention you will want by the end…

The first and only makeup favourite this month is the Morphe Blush Trio in Pop of Rose. Now admittedly if you aren’t into pinky blushes then this one probably isn’t for you, but if you are – go and buy this! All three shades are so pigmented that one dip of the brush is plenty to get the perfect pop of colour. The little compact is perfect for travelling as it also includes a mirror and will get you through more natural day to day looks to your glamorous evening glam. Also, for only 12.00 it the perfect dupe for the ABH Blush Trio’s which are more than double the price!

The next thing I have been loving this month is the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. Mine is the smaller size(50ml) and is priced at 11.50, there is also at 250ml size as well as a 500ml size! At first is seemed very overpriced for such a small bottle but it has sorted my skin out completely – in fact when I don’t use it for a couple of days(out of pure laziness) I notice I start to get blemishes appearing on my face! I tend to use this every evening after removing my makeup and if I am feeling really fancy (and wake up early enough) I use it before I start my makeup. Will definitely repurchase when I run out, might even treat myself to the 250ml size!

I have also been loving earrings this month, in particular primark earrings. They are so cheap and affordable for around 3.00 each and I find they are such good quality – I haven’t had any break! They have a mixture of bold and bright ones and simple and classic. My favourites being the circle ones which they do in black and leopard print I believe. I have been wearing them every single day and think they are so stylish – earrings go with everything!

Next is…my Love Island Water Bottle. It is shameful that this is in my favourites really, considering I didn’t even finish the most reason season as it was so boring. However, this *very* overpriced water bottle is actually worth it as I am constantly drinking! I drink 4-5 of these a day – it is just so addictive. I do have to say, you can probably buy a cheaper bottle that has an addictive straw but it is personalised and looks super cute. It also has a diffuser which is a huge added bonus.

Aussie hair products are so underrated, my favourite being their hair masks. My current obsession is the 3 minute miracle nourish hair mask, they are so quick and easy and mess free as you just pop it on after conditioner, leave it for up to 3 minutes and then wash it out. I got mine from Boots and they are definitely worth checking out – super affordable for such a good product.

Finally, the seasonal scents at The Body Shop are always the best and for the autumn months they have Vanilla Pumpkin. At the moment I only have the shower gel from this range but I am desperate to get the body butter before it gets discontinued for another year. It has a long lasting smell and leaves your skin feeling super smooth!

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading,

Sophie x


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  1. Absolutely loved hearing about your favourites this month!! I really love how you’ve put your own spin on your blog somehow when I read It ican hear your voice just speaking to me lol. Might have to purchase me some of that cleansing gel if gets ride of blemishes like you say it does.
    Can’t wait for the next !xxxxx

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