Trying NYX Makeup

I realised I had never tried NYX makeup and it has such good reviews so I decided to buy a full face of makeup to try it out, yet I forgot to get three items…primer, powder and a blush. But I was still able to complete a look without these products!


This is my first ever stick foundation and I love it! At first I really didn’t know how much to apply but I think as it is such a buildable foundation that even if you put too much on it won’t look cakey at all. I chose the shade Light Medium and it was such a good match (despite me guessing online). It is such a creamy foundation and so easy to blend into the skin – I personally used a stippling brush. It gives such good matte coverage and lasts all day! The foundation is £10.50 from Boots which I think is such a good price for such an amazing foundation! Would 100% recommend this foundation to anyone!


This is something I have seen a few bloggers rave about so I am so glad I finally have my hands on it! I have the shade Light which to start with looked a little orange on me but once blended looks fine! It is a very high coverage concealer and doesn’t crease under my eyes unlike most concealers I’ve tried from the drugstore. It is also available in colour correcting shades which is something I definitely want to try!! It is priced at £5.50 which I think is so cheap compared to the quality!


This is one of my favourite products I tried, such a good range of colours and the formula is so pigmented! The two lighter shades (1 and 2) are perfect for setting under eye concealer then I use the more warm toned shade (3) to bronze my face and then the cooler toned brown (4) to contour with as well as the darkest shade (5). It also comes with a beautiful highlight (6) which I have only watched on my hand so far but it is nothing compared to their highlighting palette! It is priced at £18.00 which I think is a little bit pricey for a drugstore product but it is still such a good contouring palette that I would highly recommend if you like a natural looking contour. However, it could really do with a mirror!


This palette is beautiful and it has very quickly became my new favourite highlighting palette! It has such a wide range of shades – all so pigmented and gorgeous. There is something for every skin tone in this palette! It is perfect for an in the day glow and can be easily layered to give you a night sparkle! (My favourites are shown in the picture below). The price is £15.00 which I think is amazing considering it has the quality of a high end product.


This was my least favourite thing that I tried from NYX, the shadows aren’t amazingly pigmented but for drugstore quality they were fine. The mattes have a little more pigmentation and are a bit easier to apply but I did find them quite chalky but I still tried to attempt a look with the shadows. To start with I applied the white (1) as a base which actually worked really nicely, I put the lighter brown shade (2) through my crease as a transition colour and so far so good. Then, I put the lighter shimmer shade (3) onto the base of my eyes but as little pigment came off I decided to put the darker shimmer on (4) which worked a lot better but it made the look very dark. This shade had a gold shimmer running through it which actually showed up nicely on my eyes. I wanted to add a bit of definition to my eyeshadow so decided to put the dark brown (5) through my crease which actually looked really nice. Overall the look was a little darker than expected but in the end worked well. The price was £7.50 which was a bit overpriced for what the quality was but it is a perfect sized travel palette with some really nice shades.


There is nothing special about this mascara, it separates the lashes leaving now clumps. It adds a lot of length but not so much volume! However, I did notice that there was such a wide variety of NYX mascaras available at Boots so there is one that suits everyone. It hasn’t put me off buying NYX mascaras I just want to find a more volumizing one. If you like a lengthening mascara then you should defiantly check this out! It is £6.50 which is a very well priced mascara.


This has changed my life! No joke! I am so glad I tried this – it creates a perfect, strong brow and doesn’t smudge throughout the day! It is so easy to use and is the quickest way of achieving perfect brows and a little bit goes along way! Nothing but good things to say about this, would 100% recommend to everyone! It is only £5.50 from Boots – crazy cheap!


NYX again have shocked me, this is such a creamy liquid lipstick which isn’t drying in the slightest. The colour is BEAUTIFUL ( Soft-spoken) and all the colour shades look stunning too! It lasted well with a few top ups (but what lipstick doesn’t need a top up?!) and didn’t smudge at all! I sometimes struggle with applying liquid lipstick (especially without a lipliner…gosh this was a task!) but it was so easy to apply so I was so impressed! They are £7.00 each but are so worth it!

Overall, as you can probably guess, I was so impressed with these NYX! Definitely am going to invest in some more – especially some more liquid lipsticks as they had some stunning shades to choose from! Overall it cost me £75.50 – this does seem expensive but the contour and highlight palettes were the most expensive yet were some of my favourite things! I am definitely going to pick up a powder – I am already eyeing up their loose powder, a lipliner and a primer and will update you on those whenever I get them over on my Instagram so if you aren’t already you should definitely go follow me on there!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading all about my first ever NYX experience!

Sophie x


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  1. These sound fantastic I think Nyx is super value. I must try the eyebrow pomade x

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  3. Didn’t realise you could buy NYX in boots.. going to have to head over to their website! 💕

    1. I love NYX!

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