Wardrobe Declutter

I have been wanting to organise my wardrobe for ages now as every time I look at it I see a cluttered mess. Before I could organise I needed to reduce as it was far too cramped and crowded! After about an hour, maybe more, I finally had a neat wardrobe…


  • Clear out unwanted clothes
  • Have an organised wardrobe
  • Have all white coat hangers throughout


I decided that if I was going to be successful I needed to be strict with myself so anything I hadn’t worn multiple times or even ever was thrown on the unwanted pile. I went through every item in my wardrobe and decided whether it was worth keeping, turned out a lot weren’t. The pile of unwanted clothes was massive, so much bigger than I first imagined!

Once I got rid of all the unwanted clothes the wardrobe was a lot less cluttered so it was much easier to organise (the part I was actually excited for)


This was my favourite part, I love organising. I organised the remaining clothes into multiple catagories to fill up my now empty wardrobe. From right to left (just to be awkward); School Uniform, Jumpers, Tops, Jackets, Evening. I am so excited that in a couple of weeks I get to through my uniform away for good! It makes such an ugly impact on my wardrobe and always seems to be in the way! At the same time I added in my very few pieces of fitness clothes here as well!

Next, I added in my jumpers. Yes we are approaching summer but as I live in the UK I know I will still need these jumpers to hand in the few months (unfortunately).

I then added the bulk of my wardrobe and thats my everyday tops. I recently went shopping and picked up some tops with a little bit more colour (pinks, purples and greens!) as these will be perfect in the upcoming summer months. A good summer clothes shop at the moment is New Look (where most of my wardrobe actually comes from) as they have such a large variety of tops with lots of styles and currently lots of tops with different styled sleeves – like this one.

One of my favourite “categories” is my jackets. Only recently have I been exploring with this and adding different jackets to my collection. My most recent purchase was this cute pink waterproof from New Look – perfect for summer as it is so thin so could easily be folded up and put inside a bag!

The final section of my wardrobe is my evening wear; this includes skirts, dresses and “posh” tops. This is an area I scaled down massively as I had far too may tops in this area that I never wore and were taking up so much space in my wardrobe – this goes for dresses too! I had dresses in there that I had wore once two/three years ago and had never looked at them since!



I brought the majority of my white coat hangers from primark and some from amazon also. I wanted my wardrobe to look neat and organised and having the same theme throughout helped so much to achieve this. When I first brought the white coat hangers I put some on but got extremely bored so stopped halfway – making it look even worse! So i powered through and finished the job!

Overall, I am pretty pleased with everything I kept and how I organised it. I have to say though, having an all white coat hanger theme is really satisfying! I just hope I can keep it this way and not let it become a cluttered mess again! I hope you enjoyed reading my fun organising afternoon!

Sophie x


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